Devotional Speakers

Paul Llewellyn
Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

Jose Cortes Jr.
Associate Director for Evangelism
North American Division

Elizabeth Talbot
Jesus 101

Jeff Brown
Associate Editor
Ministry Magazine

Keith Burton
Graduate Professor of Religion
Advent Health University

Ivan Williams
Ministerial Director
North American Division

Seminar Presenters

Stephane Beaulieu

  • Groupes et Reproches (Groups and Gripes)
  • Salut et Délivrance: Leçons d`Exode 14 (Salvation and Deliverance: Lessons from Exodus 14)

Jakov Bibulovic

  • Church Revitalization: Leading to Growth and Multiplication

Jeffrey Brown

  • Christ in the seasons of ministry

Desiree Bryant

  • Spouses

Michael Campbell

  • A Brief History of Adventist Heresy
  • The Origins of Last Generation Theology

Jose Cortes Jr.

  • Evangelism

Nephtaly Dorzilme

  • Pastoral Ministry and Family Relationships

Mansfield Edwards

  • Chaplaincy with Washington Johnson & M. Gilda Roddy.

Bordes Henry-Saturné

  • Une pépinière dynamique : Comment préparer une nouvelle génération de leaders spirituels.
    (The Dynamic Pipeline: How to Grow the Next Generation of Spiritual Leaders)

Ernest Hernandez

  • Volunteering & Student Missions

Gary Hodder

  • Investment & Retirement

Esther Knott

  • Contagious Adventism
  • Women in Ministry

Sung Kwon

  • Ministry of Reconciliation through Social Innovation
  • Building Community through Collective Impact
  • Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Church

Paul Musafili

  • Finance & Retirement

Lyle Notice

  • Neither Jew nor Greek: Ethnocentrism vs. Interculturalism and the Future of the Adventist Church

Paola Oudri

  • Adventist Learning Community

Campbell Page

  • Indigenous Ministries

Jeff Potts

  • Rural Evangelism
  • Rural Pastoral Ministry (Round Table Discussion)

Elizabeth Pule

  • Growing Inclusive Churches for Families Living with Special Needs

Daniel Saugh

  • Health & Wellness

David & Beverly Sedlacek

  • Healing Trauma in Pastoral Ministry
  • Healthy Boundaries in Pastoral Ministry Part 1
  • Healthy Boundaries in Pastoral Ministry Part 2

Ranko Stefanovic

  • God’s People in Babylon Waiting for the End to Come
  • The Meaning of the Beatitudes for Christians for the Post-Pandemic Times
  • The Significance of Daniel 7 for Then and Now

Elizabeth Talbot

  • On What Basis Does God Declare Me Righteous? (Righteousness by Faith)
    (For information on Dr. Talbot, visit the ministry’s website:

Rohann Wellington

  • Media

Ivan Williams

  • Self-care is Not Selfish, but Self-dependence is Futile